The England Amputee Football Association (EAFA)

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The England Amputee Football Association (EAFA) is a charity run organisation whose aim is to provide all amputees, people with congenital limb deficiencies and persons with restricted use of limbs, with the opportunity to play football locally, nationally and internationally.

The charity supports several programmes including local grassroots turn up and play sessions, a national league currently consisting of 8 teams, a junior programme and a national team programme. These programmes allow player to participate on a global stage including the champions league tournament at club level as well as friendlies, international tournaments including the European championships and the world cup.
All these opportunities are made possible by the kind support of the charity’s sponsors and supporters.


Facebook: The England Amputee Football Association @theEAFA
Twitter: @amputeefootball
Instagram: @eafa_ampfooty

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