jacqui1I opened the Bingley Physiotherapy Practice in 2008, and since then I’ve been lucky enough to be joined by a great team of therapists.

I love my job! I’m truly passionate about getting people back to fitness, enabling them to live life to the full. It’s a privilege to have a positive influence on how my clients progress to full fitness, and the job satisfaction is huge when I know I’ve made a difference to someone’s quality of life.

I am one of fewer than 150 physiotherapists in the UK, and one of only two in Yorkshire, (Katie being the other one!) to have completed a 10 month post graduate series in the Integrated Systems Model (ISM), Connect Therapy and Thoracic Ring Approach, with two world renowned international physiotherapy lecturers and clinicians – Diane Lee and Dr. Linda-Joy (LJ) Lee from Canada. In 2014 and 2015, I assisted in teaching on this program in the UK. 

This incredibly successful style of physiotherapy forms the lynch pin of our movement-based treatment approach – focusing on what really matters to each individual.

Although we don’t have any magic wands, this approach consistently delivers fantastic results, and my clients often tell me I can get them better where others haven’t.

In my sporting life
Married with two boys, we lead a pretty hectic life. When I’m not running the boys around to all their sporting and music activities, I like to try to keep active myself. I took up triathlons in 2010, and I cycle every week with Julia. In 2013 we did the Coast-to-Coast bike ride with my husband Paul. I also love to ski!

When I get the opportunity for some precious downtime, I enjoy watching movies and sport, reading and I am studying French. I’m also on the Ilkley Triathlon committee with Leeds Bradford Triathlon Club again this year.

Some of my qualifications
I’m a firm believer in continuing professional development, to stay on top of the latest techniques in physiotherapy and pain management, which means I can give my clients the very best treatment available.

  • BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, First Class Honours, University of Bradford
  • An Integrated Approach for Restoring Function & Relieving Pain – The Series (2009)
  • The ConnectTherapy™ Series Pary 4 :Connect to What’s Next | ConnectTherapy™ & The Thoracic Ring Approach™ (2014)
  • Assisted Teaching on: The Thorax – Connect the Whole Body & Optimize Performance with ConnectTherapy™ & The Thoracic RIng Approach™ (2015)
  • Assisted Teaching on: The Series with Dr. LJ Lee The Thoracic Ring Approach™ (LJ Lee), The Integrated Systems Model for Disability & Pain (Lee&Lee) :Finding the Driver & Connecting the Whole Person.(2014)
  • Assisted Teaching on: The Sports Pelvis – the role of the pelvis in recurrent groin and hamstring problems (2013)
  • Assisted Teaching on: Discover the Role of the Thorax in Whole Body Function (2013)
  • Neuroscience: Understanding Pain & Behaviour
  • Restoring Form and Function of the Abdominal Wall after Pregnancy
  • Cycling Injuries and their Prevention
  • K-Taping therapy – Accredited K-Taping therapist
  • Myofascial Release
  • ACPET Study Day – Exercise Programme Design & Client Motivation
  • Muscle Energy Technique – Lumbar Pelvis Sacrum and Cervical Spine & Thoracic Outlet
  • Mobilisation of the Nervous System
  • Golf Seminar – English Golf Union
  • Management of Knee Injuries and Osteoarthritis
  • Kinetic Control – Understanding Movement & Function Concepts and Diagnosis of Mechanical Dysfunction & Stability Retraining of Hip & Lower Limb